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Streamlined Bioproduction

Are your resources optimized for a streamlined process?

You need proven ways to maximize your productivity. Millipore acts as your in-house efficiency expert to make it real, with reliably predictable solutions for cell culture, filtration, chromatography, concentration, mixing, disposable technologies and process monitoring.And with Millipore you get the benefits of over 50 years of experience. In fact, 98% of all drugs manufactured today use a Millipore solution.

From Mobius disposable bioprocessing solutions to UCOE gene expression technology to Viresolve high throughput viral clearance, we’ll help you optimize every step, development to manufacture. Whether you’re producing antibodies or vaccines, parenterals or other therapeutics, Millipore gives you solutions to increase speed and yields while protecting the integrity of your drug every step of the way.

Our products and services are delivered by people who know your systems inside and out. Our team of scientists and engineers understand the complexity of your manufacturing and development, and you can count on us to stand beside you as you work to solve the world’s challenging health issues.

Millipore's UCOE Technology
(Ubiquitous Chromatin Opening Element)
Winner of 2007 Frost & Sullivan Technology Innovation Award

Cell Culture
Clarification & Prefiltration
Virus Clearance
Sterile Filtration
Sterile filtration is a critical step in your process--a whole batch can be jeopardized if not conducted correctly. Your process should be validated and is subject to regulatory review.
Integrity Testing
Integrity testing sterilizing filters is a fundamental requirement.
Disposable Manufacturing
Biopharmaceuticals are increasingly making the change to disposable manufacturing.
Mixers, Valves, Connectors
Services and Expertise
Filter Selection Guide
Use this tool as an overview of key process applications and the filtration solution.