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Direct Detect Spectrometer

Direct Detect™ Spectrometer
Trade Name:
Direct Detect
Product Overview:
The Direct Detect™ infrared (IR)-based quantification system is an innovative combination of software-controlled instrumentation and EMD Millipore Corporation’s advanced membrane technology, optimized for the detection and quantification of proteins. Biomolecules are applied directly to a card-based hydrophilic polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) membrane that is transparent in most of the infrared spectral region. The Direct Detect™ system measures amide bonds in protein chains, accurately quantifying an intrinsic component of every protein without relying on amino acid composition, dye binding properties, or redox potential. Protein concentrations from 0.2 to 5 mg/mL can accurately be determined from a minimal sample volume (2 μL) without bio- or immuno-chemical staining. Sample analysis takes only minutes and in most cases can be performed directly from the buffered or native solution.
By measuring amide bonds in protein chains, the system accurately determines an intrinsic component of every protein without relying on amino acid composition, dye binding or redox potential.
Key Applications:
Protein Quantitation
  • 1 Direct Detect™ Spectrometer
  • 1 Instrument power adapter with 4 power cord/plug configurations (EU, UK, US, Japan)
  • 1 Data cable (crossover cable for 10Base-T Ethernet standard, with RJ45 connectors)
  • 1 Dell® Netbook computer with Direct Detect™ software installed
  • 1 Computer power adapter with world-wide plug adapter
  • 1 Netbook stand
  • Direct Detect™ Assay-free cards (package of 50)
  • 1 Direct Detect™ spotting tray
  • 1 Desiccant pack replacement
  • 1 Torx TX20 screw driver for replacing the IR source
  • 1 Direct Detect™ Spectrometer Quick Start Card
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Product Name:
Direct Detect™ Spectrometer