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Amicon Ultra-4 Centrifugal Filter Unit with Ultracel-3 membrane, Qty/PK: 24

Amicon Ultra-4, PLBC Ultracel-3 Membrane, 3 kDa
Trade Name:
Amicon Ultra
This Amicon Ultra 4 mL centrifugal filter enables the concentration of proteins with a membrane NMWL of 3 kDa. Amicon Ultra centrifugal filters are ideal for protein purification, protein concentration & desalting.
Key Applications:
  • Protein Extraction
  • Protein Purification
Application Notes:
Swinging bucket rotor: 4,000 x g for dilute samples; 3,500 x g for concentrated or viscous solutions. Fixed angle rotor: 7,500 x g for 3, 10, 30, and 50K; 5,000 x g for 100K
Filter Type:
Filter Code:
Product Name:
Amicon Ultra-4 Centrifugal Filter Unit with Ultracel-3 membrane
Filtration Area, cm²:
Device Material:
  • Housing: Styrene/butadiene
  • Tube: Polypropylene
  • Cap and liner: Polyethylene
Length, cm (in):
12.4 (4.88)
Regenerated Cellulose
Centrifugal Application:
Protein Concentration and Desalting
Color Code:
Clear with pink cap
Minimum Final Concentrate Volume, µL:
Length, mm:
Support Material:
Regenerated cellulose
Diameter, mm:
Volume, mL:

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