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Millicell® Cell Culture Inserts

Optimized cell growth, attachment and differentiation

With Millicell inserts, attachment or suspension cells can access media from both their apical and basolateral sides. Cell growth, structure, and function more closely mimic what occurs in vivo. In addition, Millicell inserts make it possible to study both sides of the cell monolayer.

Millicell inserts are available for 24-, 12-, or 6-well plates. The inserts are easily prepared for SEM and TEM visualizing techniques, and they are compatible with cellular and/or fluorescent stains.

Insert Formats

Millicell Hanging Inserts: Preloaded in receivers or available standalone

  • For co-culturing and permeability assays
  • Unique design allows easier basolateral access than other hanging inserts with less risk of contamination
  • Available in 5 pore sizes and 3 diameters, including a 1 µm pore size that is optically transparent for better visualization by microscopy
  • NEW: Available preloaded in 24-well receiver plates or as individual inserts in 3 diameters

Millicell Standing Inserts

  • Promotes excellent cell growth and provides an exceptional opportunity for cell studies
  • Available with Biopore (PTFE) membrane, MF-Millipore (mixed cellulose esters) membrane, and polycarbonate membrane

Millicell Organotypic Insert

  • For high cell viability and superior study of three dimensional explant structure
  • Lower height allows them to fit inside a standard petri dish
  • The Biopore™ (PTFE) membrane provides high viability—for as long as 40 days—and excellent trans-membrane oxygen transport
  • The membrane is optically clear and optimized for long-term organotypic explant maintenance

Membrane Types

Biopore Membrane (hydrophilic PTFE)

For low protein-binding, live cell viewing, and immunofluorescent applications

MF-Millipore™ Membrane (mixed cellulose esters)

For exceptional anatomical and functional polarization

Isopore™ Membrane (polycarbonate)

For growth of attachment-dependent cells without matrix

PET Membrane (polyethylene terephthalate)

For growth of attachment-dependent cells without matrix

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