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Centricon® Plus-70 Centrifugal Filter Units

Large volume sample concentration

  • 90% typical recovery
  • 50X to 200X concentration
  • Low hold-up volume
  • Polypropylene housing minimizes binding
  • Deadstop prevents spinning to dryness
  • Ready to use. Nothing to assemble


  • Concentrating and desalting chromatography column eluates
  • Concentrating monoclonal antibodies
  • Concentrating proteins or viruses from culture supernatants
  • Clarifying tissue homogenates and cell lysates
  • Buffer exchange or diafiltration

Typical Flow Rates

Ultracel PL-30 Membrane at 3,500 x g

Ultracel PL-30 Membrane at 3,500 x g

Typical Retentate (Concentrate) Recovery
Membrane NMWL Protein Solute Protein Retentate
10,000 Cytochrome c, 12.4 kDa
(0.25 mg/mL)
30,000 Bovine Serum Albumin,
67 kDa (1 mg/mL)
100,000 IgG, 156 kDa
(1 mg/mL)

Concentrate 70 mL to 350 µL in just 25 minutes

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