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Aervent Hydrophobic Cartridge and Disposable Capsule Filters

Superior filters for the sterile filtration of gases.


The 0.2 µm hydrophobic Aervent polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) membrane provides sterility assurance, high flow rates and throughput. The Aervent membrane contributes to clean processes due its non-fiber releasing properties.

Hydrophobic Aervent cartridge filters provide high throughput with minimal differential pressure. Cartridges are robust, strong, resilient and are designed to withstand multiple steam-in-place cycles.

Regulatory Compliance

Filters with hydrophobic Aervent membrane are designed, developed, and manufactured in accordance with a Quality Management System approved by an accredited registering body to an ISO® 9000 Quality Systems Standard and are shipped with a Certificate of Quality. Each cartridge filter is integrity tested during manufacturing.

For traceability and easy identification, each filter is labeled with the product name, lot number and serial number.

Multiple Formats Available

Hydrophobic Aervent membranes are available in two device formats, one pore size, and multiple configurations that vary by filtration area and type of inlet/outlet connection.

  • Opticap® XL disposable capsule filters
  • Cartridge filters

Typical Applications

Aervent hydrophobic filters will remove particles and microorganisms from gases and liquids. The sterilizing-grade rating is based on HIMA liquid bacterial retention challenge. In gases this filter will remove contamination down to 0.01 µm. Cartridge filters will also sterilize alcohol streams.

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