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Swabs and Samplers

As easy as 1 – 2 – 3

Our Samplers and Swab Test Kits simplify routine microbiological analysis of surfaces for bioburden levels of bacteria, yeast, or mold. This technique eliminates the cumbersome and expensive hardware and materials associated with traditional testing techniques. The Swab enables sampling in areas difficult to reach.

HPC Sampler

Contains m-HPC medium for recovery of aerobic bacteria, non-stressed as well as stressed (i.e. partially sanitized or nutritionally starved). Some types of bacteria are slow growers or organisms that were injured from chlorine but not killed.

Coli-Count™ Sampler – A “Total Count” of coliforms

Contains a proprietary coliform medium for recovery of coliform organisms.

Yeast & Mold Sampler

Contains m-Green medium for recovery of yeast and mold.


  • Just add a small sample of liquid to the pre-sterilized sampler or wipe a surface of interest with the swab
  • Results achieved by visual counting of colonies


  • Pre-measured dehydrated agar in the sampler
  • Stable at room temperature for storage and for incubation

Swabs and Samplers

Coli-Count™ Sampler

HPC Total Count Sampler

Total Count Sampler

Yeast and Mold Sampler

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