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NovaSeptum Sterile Sampling Systems

Sterile, Closed, Disposable Systems for Sampling Fluids From Sterile and Aseptic Processes


  • Disposable and closed unit, ensuring the security of the process, the operator and the sample
  • Easy to use and handle, reducing operator trainer time
  • Pre-sterilized, eliminating the need for cleaning and/or sterilization between samples
  • Flexible, accommodating a wide range of sampling volumes

Sampling your product is critical throughout the manufacturing process. An imprecise or false positive result can lead to quarantine, as well may also require a repeat of the analysis. With the NovaSeptum sampling system, contamination is no longer a threat. Ideal for general fluid and cell culture sampling from aseptic and sterile processes, NovaSeptum sterile sampling units can easily protect your bioreactor from cross contamination. The closed design ensures your sample will be isolated from point of sample to analysis, reducing the loss of valuable product.

The high purity sampling units are ideally suited for sterility, bioburden and endotoxin testing, chemical analysis, pH analysis, fermentation applications and applications requiring very low affinity for proteins, complex carbohydrates or small molecules. It is available as a flat bag for easy storage and hanging.

General sampling version has a 1 mm diameter needle that is suitable for the majority of sampling applications while the cell culture sampling version has a 2 mm diameter needle, for the higher flow rates often required in applications such as bacterial counting and sampling from bioreactors. The autoclavable units can be used in processes that are subject to complete autoclaving cycles, such as small-scale fermentor vessels. These units are available in various sampling configurations that can be used for biological testing and chemical analysis.

Sampling high value products requires the ability to extract an accurate volume of sample. The NovaSeptum AV unique syringe design allows for small accurate samples from 1 up to 20 mL eliminating valuable product waste.

The closed transfer units ensure your sample will be isolated from point of sample to analysis, eliminating any risk of contamination. These units are ideal for applications such as pH regulation and fermentation inoculation.

The NovaSeptum sampling formats include a bottle, syringe and flat bag as well as transfer system.

The NovaSeptum Transfer System is available as a sampling unit or tubing application.

The NovaSeptum single- and multi- sampling systems are available for high purity applications in sizes from 50 mL to 1000 mL. The single sampling container configurations can also be used in autoclavable applications.

The NovaSeptum AV sampling units are available in 5 mL and 20 ml syringe sizes.

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