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Purification Packs for Milli-Q Academic, Gradient, Biocel, and Synthesis

Purification Packs for Milli-Q Academic, Gradient, Biocel, and Synthesis

Standard Purification Steps

Step 1:
Plug-in Q-Gard purification packs are tailored to the feedwater source to optimize the performance of downstream purification media to ensure consistent results.

Step 2:
Quantum application-specific cartridges remove ionic and organic contaminants down to trace levels.

Step 3:
Final purification of ultrapure water is carried out at the point-of-use by a pharmaceutical-grade, absolute 0.22 µm Millipak membrane filter that is recommended for most analytical applications.

Additional Purification Steps

UV Photo-oxidation:
The ultraviolet photo-oxidation process (UV at 254 and 185 nm) used in Milli-Q Gradient and Synthesis systems can effectively carry out the destruction of organic molecules, to reduce TOC levels to < 5 ppb, improving consistency and sensitivity in applications such as HPLC, IC, solid-phase extraction and UV spectroscopy.

Milli-Q Biocel and Synthesis systems include a Pyrogard 5000 ultrafiltration cartridge for the production of pyrogen- and nuclease-free ultrapure water (<0.001 EU/mL), particularly important for life science or molecular biology applications.

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