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Millitrack® e-Solutions: Millitrack® Lite

A unique set of data management and monitoring e-solutions for water purification systems

The right software solution today — and tomorrow

For laboratory and facility managers who need to ensure optimal daily performance, continuous quality improvement, and reduced laboratory running costs for their water purification equipment, Millitrack® Lite provides a simple and intuitive solution.

Optimized lab productivity

Millitrack® Lite is an embedded e-solution that generates real-time web pages for monitoring water purification system operations. The Millitrack® Lite real-time Dashboard enables “at-a-glance” remote monitoring of information concerning water purification system status and configuration; instant quality parameter settings; and also allows easy system component identification.

You save time as you are able to supervise water system operation from your office or another location outside the wet lab.

Millitrack Lite Dashboard

Millitrack Lite Dashboard

Zero-paper solution

Millitrack® Lite e-records offer a state-of-the-art alternative to paper archives. Electronic records are less complicated, less expensive and less time-consuming to manage than their paper equivalents.

The integrated Millitrack® Lite search engine allows electronic records to be retrieved easily when needed, and Millitrack® Lite data in XML format is compatible with any lab data management system.

Support for your quality processes

Millitrack® Lite software can be used to store quality data of routine laboratory applications for traceability of all events related to the lab’s Millipore water purification system, letting you instantly view data to easily monitor your system performance.

Millitrack® Lite software minimizes the risk of data error, helping labs to increase the quality of their output. Data reliability and traceability also help to facilitate laboratory accreditation and reaccreditation processes.

Accessibility anywhere and at any time

Millitrack® Lite software is user-friendly and intuitive: a lab’s entire Millipore water purification system operations can be monitored at any time on devices supporting desktop Internet Explorer® versions through a one-click web browser. Millitrack® Lite software can be accessed either through a computer device connected directly to the water purification system, or remotely through a network.

Easy implementation

Millitrack® Lite software has been developed using the latest technologies, in order to ensure that it is compatible with all current or future major IT standards, as well as with today’s and tomorrow’s laboratory norms.

Millitrack® Lite software is available on Elix® Advantage, Elix® Reference, Milli-Q® Direct, and Milli-Q® Reference systems and can be activated when purchased from Millipore.

* Millitrack e-Solutions comprises system-specific products, including: Millitrack® Basic, Millitrack® Essential, and Millitrack® Lite.
In addition, Millipore also offers Millitrack® Compliance for lab water system compliance and optimized lab performance for users in GxP environments who must comply with guidelines such as U.S. FDA 21 CFR Part 11, EU Annex 11, or similar requirements set by other global regulatory organizations.

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