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Millistak+® Pod Disposable Depth Filter System

Innovative, high performance Pods are ideal for primary and secondary clarification in lab, pilot and process scale applications


Millistak+® depth filter media is offered in a scalable, disposable format, the Pod Filter System. Accommodating applications from lab to pilot to process scale, the Pod format offers greater flexibility because of its unique modular design.

The Millistak+® Pod system is ideal for a wide variety of primary and secondary clarification applications, including cell cultures, yeast and E. coli lysates post centrifuge, E. coli refolds, media, vaccines, plasma proteins and sera.

Millistak+® Pod filters are available in three distinct series of media grades in order to meet your specific application needs. Millistak+® DE, CE and HC media deliver optimal performance through gradient density matrix as well as positive surface charge properties.


  • Low hold-up volume for greater product yield
  • Broad range of 23 media types offered in single and multilayer products
  • Millistak+® HC dual-action media improves prefiltration and compresses clarification
  • Flexible, modular format offers scalability from 5 to 12,000 liters or more
  • Patented disposable design eliminates need for housing, CIP or cleaning validation
  • Disposable Pod system protects operators from exposure to biohazards
  • Robust construction is easy to use and set up
  • Smaller footprint facilitates use in tight spaces

Linear Scalability

Millipore’s innovative Pod filter system consists of seven filter sizes and two expandable holders. No matter what size Pod filter you choose, the same flow path and configuration ensures a linearly scalable solution from bench to process scale.

Easy to Use

With the compact, modular design of Millipore’s new Pod system, you can increase productivity and shorten cycle times.

Installation and set-up of the Pod system is simple and straightforward. The unique design of the disposable adapters makes it easy to connect the Pods to the process piping. The self-contained and disposable nature of the system protects operators from exposure to biohazards and eliminates maintenance as well as cleaning validation requirements.


  • Millistak+® DE and CE media — 0.11 m2, 0.77 m2, or 1.4 m2 filtration area.
  • Millistak+® HC media — 0.11, 0.55, or 1.1 m2 filtration area.
  • Lab scale Pod – 0.027 m2, 0.054 m2
  • Pilot scale holder — accommodates up to two full size Pods for configurations from 0.11 m2 to 2.8 m2 depending on media type. An optional accessory kit expands capacity to 5 full scale Pods.
  • Process scale holder — accepts from five to ten Pods per rack. Up to three racks can be stacked for process flexibility.
  • Disposable adapters — connect Pods to process piping, creating disposable flow path.
  • Disposable diverter plates — enable more than one media grade on a single rack

Milistak+® Depth Filter Media

Available in three media series, the proven filtration performance of Millistak+® filter media in the popular Pod format provides greater flexibility and reduced cycle times. Millistak+® Pod filters incorporate multiple graded-density layers and adsorptive, positively-charged filter media. Composed of select grade cellulose fiber and diatomaceous earth, the Millistak+® DE series not only improves the manufacturing process but also increases contaminant holding. In addition, the Millistak+CE series consists of single layer media with cellulose fibers that are suitable for coarse filtration applications.

The Millistak+® HC series is dedicated to improving productivity by combining two distinct technologies that enhance filter capacity and retention. Multiple filtration stages downstream of the bioreactor are compressed into one efficient step.

Choose the Right Media
Make your HC media selection based upon the specific process particle loading requirements and the downstream filter being protected.
Media Grade Application* Characteristics Media Construction
Triple-layer A1HC Post-TFF (Prostak™) clarification fluids Tightest media combination with an additional membrane layer to protect downstream membranes 60DE + 75DE + RW01
Triple-layer B1HC Post-centrifuge or settled permeate containing cellular particulate A more open first layer with an additional membrane layer to protect downstream membranes 50DE + 75DE + RW01
Double-layer C0HC Perfusion bioreactor fluid Two layers of a more open DE media 30DE + 60DE
Double-layer D0HC Primary clarification directly out of the bioreactor A more open CE layer and DE media combination 25CE + 40DE
*For clarification of serum, plasma, vaccines or other fluids, choice of media grade should be based on small-scale trials.

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