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Nylon Net Filters

Woven nylon mesh
Wide range of mesh openings from 11 through 180 µm
Up to 50% open area, depending on mesh opening
1:1 weave pattern (20 µm filter has 2:2 weave pattern)

Collecting algae and cells
Prefiltering solvents
Monitoring paint
Filtering or analyzing large particles
Background filter for automated particle imaging systems

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Polypropylene Net Filters

Non-fibrous net filters made from oven polypropylene
Mesh is stabilized through hot pressing.
Can be used at temperatures up to 100°C

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Polypropylene Prefilters

Made from pure polypropylene
Use for applications involving temperatures of up to 90°C and differential pressures of up to 5 bar.

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Fluoropore Membrane Filters

PTFE with laminated backing
Polytetrafluoroethylene bonded to high density polyethylene

Clarifying acids, bases, and solvents
Air monitoring
Filtering or venting gases
UV spectroscopy

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Mitex Membrane Filters

PTFE without backing
Unsupported PTFE membrane that can be used under extreme chemical or temperature conditions

Clarifying acids, bases, and cryogenic fluids
Clarifying propellants
Analyzing hydraulic fluid
Isolating RNA

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LCR Membrane Filters

Hydrophilized PTFE
Compatible with all commonly used aqueous solvents

Clarifying acids, bases, cryogenic fluids, and dilute protein solutions
Clarifying propellants
Analyzing hydraulic fluids
Isolating RNA

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