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Cell Culture Media Preparation

The cells used to produce therapeutic proteins require a precise balance of nutrients to support their reproduction and growth. These nutrients are provided in the form of growth media, which must be sterile. For media containing animal derived components, final sterilizing-grade filtration should assure the removal of bacteria and mycoplasma.

Media is typically mixed in bulk and then aseptically transferred to the bioreactor. Prefiltration is used to remove the bulk of particulate and colloidal contaminants from the media in order to extend the service life of the filter train. Prefilters must be sized appropriately to handle batch to batch media variability, as well as ensuring that the sterile media fill in the bioreactor is completed successfully and on time.

Filter Recommendations
Millipore’s Express SHC and SHR filters are recommended for the scale-up and manufacture of tissue culture media for the production of MAbs, vaccines, and other biological therapeutics that require high throughput, flow rates and superior filtration economics.

Understanding the Options