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BioMarker Services

Beyond products alone, Millipore can provide complete assay services from target identification all the way through clinical trials.
By obtaining all of the products and services you need from a single source, you’ll have a continuity of knowledge that is unachievable any other way. In fact, Millipore’s BioPharma Services division is the first to fundamentally redefine the concept of the CRO to help you obtain better results, faster.

Millipore’s BioMarker Services Team has over 20 years experience developing and performing immunoassays on human and animal specimens. This expertise is offered to our clients as an additional support for research projects. Technologies routinely performed include:

While Millipore provides a variety of analytically validated ELISAs, RIAs and multiplex detection assays, our BioMarker Services Team’s expertise extends to any commercially available kit. Our experienced staff can work with you to determine which assay format would be best suited for your project.

The advantages of working with Millipore’s BioMarker Services Team include:

  • Our long and proven history with clients
  • Our expertise in performing high quality sample analyses
  • Our leadership in multiplex services, as well as RIAs and ELISAs
  • Our ability to offer an immediate solution for required results
  • Our ability to serve the outsourcing trend in the research market
  • Our ability to offer a Reference Laboratory Program
Sample Preparation
Because sample preparation depends on both the desired sample matrix and the analytes to be measured, procedures found in the appropriate protocol should be followed. Protocol links are provided below.
  • RIA Kit Protocols
  • ELISA Kit Protocols
  • MILLIPLEX Kit Protocols
  • Ordering Services and Shipping Samples
    For routine sample analysis, download and complete an Order Form from our website and return the Order Form with your samples. Contact a Millipore sales representative to confirm sample volume requirements. Ship samples on dry ice using an overnight priority delivery service for delivery Monday through Thursday. Please read Specimen Shipping Instructions.
    Report Format
    The report format will depend upon the needs of the customer. Many of our more established customers prefer only the assay results. Other customers require an enhanced report format including standard curves and quality control data. While the report is meant to be a “stand-alone” explanation of data, we encourage you to contact our immunoassay technicians or your Multiplex Specialist with any questions that you may have.
    Contact the BioMarker Services group serving your area:
    North America
    Phone: 1-800-Millipore; 1-636-441-8400
    Email: BioMarker_Services@millipore.com

    Phone: +44 (0)1235 444166
    Email: Oxford_BMS_EU@millipore.com

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