Amicon stirred cells for large volume sample filtration.
Amicon® stirred cells provide high flow rates with solutions up to 10% macrosolute concentration and are capable of rapid concentration, or salt removal followed by concentration in the same unit. Complete product recoveries can generally be achieved using the diafiltration set-up as illustrated at the bottom of this page.
How Stirred Cells Work to Concentrate Protein
For protein concentration, gas pressure is applied directly to ultrafiltration cell. Solutes above the membrane's molecular weight (MW) cut-off are retained in cell, while water and solutes below the cut-off pass into the filtrate and out of cell.
Available in five sizes:
Model NumberMin. VolumeMax. Volume
80030.075 mL3 mL
80101.0 mL10 mL
80502.5 mL50 mL
82005.0 mL200 mL
840010 mL400 mL
How Stirred Cells Work to Concentrate Protein
Diafiltration set-up and operation with Amicon® selector valve, stirred cell and accessory reservoir. 1 - Ultrafiltrate, 2 - Ultrafiltration equipment, 3 - Pressure supply, 4 - Selector valve, 5 - Inlet, 6 - Outlet, 7 - Feed liquid, 8 - Reservoir