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We understand the complexity of Life Science research and can support you in your most difficult challenges in cell biology, stem cell biology, protein research, and cell signaling. We provide innovative products for the isolation and purification of biomolecules and the analysis of their form and function. Our offerings address: adhesion, antibodies, biomarkers, cell culture, cell structure, clinical diagnostics & infectious disease, epigenetics, general & sterile filtration, genomics, immunoassays & multiplexing, metabolic disease & metabolism, and neuroscience.

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Millipore Introduces New Tools for Epithelial Cell Studies

Millipore today introduced its family of EpiGRO™ epithelial cells and culture media. EpiGRO products have been optimized to provide improved cell culture for critical research applications. The breakdown of control mechanisms in epithelial cells is a frequent contributor to cancer progression and metastasis. Epithelial cell cultures are also commonly used in respiratory and dermatological research.

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Scepter Technology from EMD Millipore

The Scepter cytometer is a handheld automated cell counter, delivering cell counts and population histograms right
                                              on its screen in seconds.
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