SmartFlare™ Live Cell MicroRNA (miRNA) Detection

miRNA Technical Literature

Read this new study, which illustrates live cell microscopy and cell sorting with respect to miRNA expression.

“A novel approach to detecting miRNA in living cells”

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Cell sorting based on miRNA expression using SmartFlare.
Sorting live cells based on miR-155 expression reveals differential response to TNFα.
MicroRNAs are small, noncoding RNAs that add a layer of regulation to signaling networks, such as TGFβ, TNFα, EGFR, MAPK, PI-3K and Akt-mTOR—affecting immune response, tumor progression, organ development, metabolic control and more. But traditional miRNA detection methods are challenging and bias-prone. Instead, go live with SmartFlare miRNA detection. Click here to learn about live cell RNA detection.

Challenges facing traditional miRNA detection

Measuring miRNAs using traditional RNA detection methods, such as microarray, RT-PCR and RNA-seq, faces multiple obstacles:

Advantages of SmartFlare live cell miRNA detection

SmartFlare RNA Detection Probes allow you to easily detect miRNA in live cells with no sample prep and just a simple, nontoxic, overnight incubation, offering many advantages over traditional methods: Will you be the first to profile a live cell miRNome? Get started, and we’ll help.
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Not sure what microRNA are at play in your system? Look into profiling them simultaneously using a simple and optimized assay just for this purpose. Learn more about SmartRNAplex microRNA profiling assay here.