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Membrane Resource Center Home: Membrane resources for researchers and decision makers

Membrane Resource Center

Since its creation in 1954 Millipore has become an industry leader in the development and manufacture of membrane-based filtering devices and systems used by life sciences researchers, medical schools, hospitals, dialysis centers, and many industries, to separate molecular components of fluid samples.

In this learning center, we share information and methodologies gleaned from decades of research and development so that you can use it as a technically rich destination for membrane and separation resource information.

  • Companies can learn about membrane specifications and compatibilities that support decision-making about devices and techniques to use in research, engineering and production.
  • All life science professionals, including researchers, process engineers, and chemists, can refer to this resource for answers to their most frequently asked questions about membrane filtration technologies.
  • Students can find expertise on membranes and separation technology and reference technical or materials information, specifications and techniques.

Filter Manufacture
Making membranes is technically challenging. What is particularly difficult is achieving the level of uniformity in the polymers used in the manufacturing process.
Improving the Accuracy of Membrane
Filters Scale-up