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Milli-Qâ Synthesis System Provides Ultrapure Water Quality for Critical Biological Applications

Billerica, Massachusetts --- March 10, 2003 --- Millipore today announced critical biological applications for its Milli-Q Synthesis ultrapure water system, such as PCR and DNA sequencing, 2-D electrophoresis, blotting (Northern, Southern, Western), mammalian cell culture, and MALDI-TOF MS. The Milli-Q Synthesis system combines ultraviolet (UV) photo-oxidation and ultrafiltration (UF) technologies in one purification system and produces pyrogen- and RNase-free ultrapure water, ultra-low in organics.

Built-in UV photo-oxidation technology (254 nm and 185 nm) ensures the destruction of organics to < 5 ppb, and minimizes the creation of biofilm and bacterial by-products. The Pyrogardä 5000 hollow-fiber UF cartridge removes pyrogens to <0.001 EU/mL, eliminating the need for DEPC treatment.

Incorporating a high-precision resistivity meter and an in-line total organic carbon (TOC) monitor, the Milli-Q Synthesis system provides complete monitoring of water quality. The new backlit display shows resistivity (compensated to 25°C or non-compensated) and TOC levels (1-999 ppb) in compliance with USP 25, as well as other system functions. In addition, water quality and operation data are automatically recorded in the system memory for improved compliance with Good Laboratory Practices (GLP).

Millipore delivers the Milli-Q Synthesis system with the scientific expertise and professional support for installation, validation and maintenance of water purification systems. For more information, please contact Millipore Tech Service at 1-800-MILLIPORE or visit http://www.millipore.com/H2O.


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