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Millipore’s New Advanced, High-Performance Pellicon 3 TFF Cassettes with Ultracel PLC 10 and 30 kD Membranes Offer Maximum Reliability and Performance

Billerica, Massachusetts --- August 10, 2006 --- Millipore today announced the availability of Pellicon® 3 cassettes with Ultracel® PLC membranes. These third-generation Pellicon cassettes are the optimum tangential flow filtration (TFF) device for the filtration of monoclonal antibodies and other therapeutic proteins.

A reliable linear scale-up solution, Millipore’s next generation of TFF devices offer unprecedented performance consistency, durability and ease of use. Manufactured by an automated, computer controlled process, the robust design of Pellicon 3 cassettes can withstand process pressures of up to 80 psi and reverse pressures up to 30 psi.

Each cassette incorporates a rigid end cap that protects the membrane surface from impacts and potential damage. The end cap’s integral seals eliminate the need for external gaskets between each device thus simplifying installation. Pellicon 3 devices can be sanitized with 0.5N NaOH at 50°C up to 50 hours.

Millipore’s Ultracel PLC membranes offer low fouling and low protein binding for high product retention, recovery and yield. Ultracel PLC membranes are constructed of a regenerated cellulose membrane cast on a microporous substrate for a uniform, robust structure, with high integrity and greater resistance to back pressure. An automated membrane manufacturing process provides tight control, capability and consistency that produces membranes that provide high yields and retention robustness to all processing conditions and is a critical component to ensuring that the Pellicon 3 cassettes achieve high yields and deliver scalable and reproducible performance.

From small-scale to full-scale production, Pellicon 3 cassettes are designed for use in research, process scale-up/scale-down, applications development and full-scale manufacturing. Available in four sizes (88 cm2, 0.11 m2, 0.57 m2, and 1.14 m2), the design and automated manufacturing process of the Pellicon 3 cassettes provides unbeatable performance consistency and enhanced linear scalability between cassette sizes. For more information, please contact Millipore Tech Service at 1-800-MILLIPORE or visit www.millipore.com.

Millipore’s Bioprocess division delivers integrated solutions and services for every application, every step and every scale of the drug development and manufacturing process. With more than 50 years of experience, Millipore provides the world’s leading biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies with resources designed to improve yields, process economics and speed to market. For more information, visit www.millipore.com.

About Millipore

Millipore is a leading provider of products and services that improve productivity in biopharmaceutical manufacturing and in clinical, analytical and research laboratories. The Company is organized in two operating divisions. Its Bioprocess Division helps enables pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies to optimize their manufacturing productivity, ensure the quality of drugs, and scale up the production of difficult-to-manufacture biologics. Its Bioscience division helps to optimize laboratory productivity and workflows. Its products and enabling technologies that are used in the laboratory are essential for the research and development of biologically based life science therapeutics. Millipore has a deep understanding of its customers' research and manufacturing process needs, and offers reliable and innovative tools, technologies and services. The Company is part of the S&P 500 index and employs approximately 5,800 employees in more than 47 offices worldwide. For additional information on Millipore Corporation, please visit its website at: www.millipore.com.

Pellicon, Ultracel and Millipore are registered trademarks of Millipore Corporation.

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