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EX-CYTE growth enhancement media supplements

EX-CYTE supplement is an ideal enhancer for reduced-serum cell culture as it supplies critical growth factors and eliminates the need for full-serum supplementation. When used in conjunction with Millipore’s other critical media supplements, EX-CYTE supplement can significantly improve the cell culture manufacturing process.

EX-CYTE supplement is a water-soluble concentrate of cholesterol, lipoproteins and fatty acids that provide a balanced profile of metabolic factors proven to enhance cell growth and protein production in a variety of mammalian cells including: hybridomas, myelomas, CHO and HEK293 cells.

EX-CYTE supplement is manufactured under cGMP guidelines in large batch sizes, and tested for consistency, microbial content, clearance of bovine viruses (9 CFR 113), mycoplasma and endotoxins. Heat pasteurized, organic solvent and detergent free, EX-CYTE supplement is made from US-sourced materials.