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Custom Antibody and Bulk Services

Millipore develops custom immunological and molecular tools to expedite research, product development, and drug discovery efforts. The proprietary custom molecular technology and 18 years of antibody manufacturing experience can significantly shorten the path from RESEARCH to RESULTS. Millipore offers expert consulting as well as molecular assay, antibody, and immunological assay development services in a GMP manufacturing facility. Our services are confidential, fast, efficient and well-documented. The contract services extend from immunological to molecular, providing tremendous flexibility in assay design, and customized services to meet your specific needs.

Antibody Production

In polyclonal antibody production, antisera are commonly produced by injection of the immunogen (antigen) of interest into an animal, often in combination with an adjuvant to increase the immune response. The antibody response can be enhanced by subsequent booster injections of the antigen with or without adjuvant. Blood samples are obtained from the animal to assess the level of antibodies produced, and once a sufficiently high titre has been reached, the antiserum is prepared by blood collection followed by serum preparation, with subsequent purification of antibodies from the serum if required.

The level and quality of the antibodies produced will vary from animal to animal and from a single animal over time. Careful consideration should be given to the appropriateness of the species and strain chosen.

The investigator should consider the following factors:
  1. The quantity of antibody or antiserum required (larger animals should be considered when larger quantities of antibody are required)
  2. The phylogenetic relationship between the species from which the protein antigen originated and the species used to raise the antibody
  3. The intended application use of the antibodies. The rabbit is the most commonly used animal for the production of polyclonal antibody, as it is easy to handle and to bleed, and for most applications will produce an adequate volume of high-titre, high affinity, antiserum.

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