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Millipore is deeply committed to providing novel cell culture systems and characterization tools for stem cell research and primary cell culture. Our highly validated, optimized products provide convenient solutions to many cell culture challenges, so you have the time to focus on your research goals. We’ve created this unique learning center where you’ll find detailed protocols, news on the latest research advances, and user-friendly guides to our vast selection of specialty cell culture products. With the addition of Chemicon and Specialty Media, Millipore now offers a comprehensive line of stem cell products including human and murine stem cells, media optimized for stem cell and primary cell culture, growth factors, exclusive antibodies, cultureware, and kits to help you jumpstart your research.

Pluripotent Stem Cells

Cell lines, media, and other tools for culturing and characterizing iPS and ES cells

Mouse Embryos

Media and reagents for embryo collection, manipulation and transfer techniques.

Adult Progenitor Cells

Multipotent cell lines and optimized media.

Primary Cells

Cells, optimized media and cell culture reagents for specialty cell culture, including epithelial and endothelial cell types.

3D Epidermal Keratinocyte Medium

Create your own in vivo-like epidermal models!! Millipore's revolutionary new CELLnTEC Epidermal Keratinocyte 3D Medium was created to address the specific needs of 3D cell culture. Quickly and reliably generate accurate human epidermal models that contain multiple epithelial layers (stratum corneum, granulosum, spinosum, and basale). This new media formulation is based on cell signaling pathways in developing epithelia. It encourages cellular differentiation, but also maintains proliferative cells in the basal layer. Fully defined, serum-free, and BPE-free. The Epidermal Keratinocyte 3D medium is designed for use with CELLnTEC's epidermal keratinocyte progenitors and Millipore's MilliCell inserts.

Cellutions Newsletter

The latest news in stem cell research and cell biology.

Order Stem Cell Literature

Print versions of our newsletter, catalogues, posters and more.

New Stem Cell Products
Stem Cells Tech Resources

Protocols, articles.... to improve your research.

Order Custom Media

Specialty Media, reagents designed to meet your culturing needs.

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