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BR- PB0006EN00

Murine Embryonic Stem Cell Culture

Procedures & Protocols

Lit No:PB0006EN00

The development of transgenic and gene knockout technology has provided an effective tool for the analysis of gene function. Critical to this has been the ability to isolate and culture murine embryonic stem (ES) cells in vitro. Derived from the inner cell mass of early mouse embryos, ES cells contribute to all tissues including germline tissue. Efficient procedures for the in vitro culture and maintenance of mouse pluripotent ES cells have been crucial to the success of gene targeting experiments. EMD Millipore offers a wide range of mouse ES related products providing researchers with convenient and cost effective solutions for the reliable culture of murine ES cells. EMD Millipore is committed to providing the tools needed to advance stem cell research.

Highlights of this product range include:
  • ESGRO® mLIF medium supplement for maintaining undifferentiated mouse ES cells.
  • ESGRO Complete™ Plus and ESGRO®-2i cell culture media, defined serum-free systems for the maintenance and derivation of mouse ES cell lines in the absence of FBS and feeder cells.
  • ES2N serum-free differentiation media for the rapid neuronal differentiation of mouse ES cells.
  • RESGRO™ culture medium for the rescue of partially differentiated ES cell lines and improved mouse ES cell derivation.
  • STEMCCA™ lentivirus reprogramming kits and reagents for the derivation of induced pluripotent stem cells (IPS) using a single polycistronic lentivirus.
  • Active and mitotically inactivated EmbryoMax® PMEF feeder cell lines.
  • B6-White™ ES cell line, the first commercially available C57BL/6 tyrc-2J albino line that allows for rapid coat-color determination of successful chimerism in C57BL/6 mice.
  • PluriStem® ES cell lines derived from a wide range of inbred strains of mice.
  • EmbryoMax® reagents including DMEM, FBS and media supplements for mouse ES culture.
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