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Millipore Technical Publications

00110230TP1 _RevE.pdf00110230TP1 _RevE.pdf

Scepter Handheld Automated Cell Counter User Guide

Lit No.:00110230TP1
Rev No.:E
Rev Date:02/01/2013

Millipore Corporation’s patent pending Scepter™ Handheld Automated Cell Counter provides a fast and convenient method for counting cells or particles with a disposable sensor. The system utilizes the Coulter principle in a miniaturized, handheld, pipette-like format that allows rapid cell counting; what used to take 10 minutes now takes about 30 seconds. The cell culture of interest is diluted, then sampled by the system. Cell concentration, cell volume, and cell diameter are displayed on the Scepter™ Cell Counter screen, along with a histogram. Up to 72 histograms can be stored in the instrument, and if desired, uploaded to a computer with the supplied software. This system is intended for research use only and has been tested with cell types representative of those in use today.
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