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Sterifil Aseptic System and Sterifil 47 mm Filter Holder

Lit No.:M11239

The Sterifil 47 mm aseptic system and Sterifil 47 mm filter holder are designed for vacuum filtration of liquids for particulate or biological analysis. They can be used for sterile filtration, bioburden monitoring, or enumeration of organisms in samples. The product is available in two configurations, the closed Sterifil aseptic filtration system and the separate Sterifil 47 mm filter holder with funnel. Both can be used for aseptic and non-sterile filtration.

The Sterifil aseptic system (Sterifil system) is a closed unit designed to protect the sample and filtrate from contamination. It consists of a funnel with cover, 47 mm filter holder and base with support screen, silicone stopper, and receiver flask with cover. The Sterifil 47 mm holder with funnel (without receiver flask) is available separately for use with a standard 1 L vacuum filtering flask or multiple place manifold.

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